Crawl Space Encapsulation & Vapor/Moisture Barriers

In order to avoid dampness within the house, a lot of people are choosing to insulate the crawl space. Insulation helps prevent heat loss and cold penetration into the home. Additionally, it keeps moisture from getting inside via condensation, which would cause harm to the indoor environment. When installed correctly, insulation is an effective method of keeping out unwanted moisture and pests without having to pay a contractor to install special materials. When considering an alternative to a conventional crawl space, consider building a raised basement – also called a “crawlable attic”. A raised basement includes insulation and ventilation so that water vapor produced by occupants does not condense inside the house. In addition, a raised basement allows the air to move freely through the home, eliminating stack effects and allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the entire house, including the crawl spaces below. Raised basements are typically built by excavating a foot or two above grade level, building a plywood formwork around the perimeter, pouring concrete (with a minimum thickness of 4 inches), then filling it with either crushed rock filled cement or soil. Once the concrete has cured, the forms are removed. To ensure proper drainage, the finished floor should slope towards the lowest part of the foundation.

Why should you encapsulate your Crawl Spaces & The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation.

Crawl spaces are an important part of your house. They’re filled with moisture, which can wreak havoc on your home if not properly managed. A crawl space vapor barrier allows for more efficient airflow, better humidity control, and fewer problems with mold growth. In addition, the crawl space is one of the places where rainwater can get into your home, so keeping the area dry is vital to maintaining a healthy environment. Having a crawl space vapor barrier installed helps prevent water intrusion that can occur during heavy rainfall. Not only does it protect against rot and mildew, but it also keeps wood flooring safe and sound.

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